Chiropractic Trivia

Chiropractic Trivia

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 • Did you know that 80% of Canadians will suffer from back pain at least once in their life time? Chiropractic has been proven to significantly help mechanical back pain and help prevent it.

 • Did you know that approximately 60% of headaches originate from problems in the mid-back or neck? Headaches are the third most common treated condition in a chiropractor’s office.

 • Did you know that a simple 15 minute stretching and exercise routine every day can vastly improve back pain?

 • Did you know that chiropractors are trained to teach rehabilitation and preventative exercise programs.

 • Did you know that there is a direct link to mechanical foot problems and back pain? Chiropractors are trained to evaluate and correct foot problems through the use of orthotics and chiropractic techniques.

 • Did you know that heal and arch pains are most commonly caused by the flattening of the long arch in your foot. Chiropractic treatments to the feet are very effective in eliminating these types of pain.

 • Did you know that poor posture is the most common cause of mid- back pain in children and adults? Chiropractors are trained in evaluating and correcting posture problems through the use of exercises and ergonomic counselling.

 • Did you know that the majority of women suffer mechanical back pain during their pregnancy? Safe, drug free, chiropractic treatments can commonly alleviate these symptoms.

 • Did you know that sciatic leg pain originates from the low back? Sciatica is one of the most common treated conditions in a chiropractic office.

 • Did you know that your lifestyle including diet and activity level can affect arthritis and other types of back pain? Your chiropractor is trained in nutritional counseling and in the treatments of arthritis.

 • Did you know that the most common extremity joints that are injured are the shoulder and knee? Sports injuries are a very common presentation in chiropractic offices.

 • Did you know that chiropractic is the third most commonly used medical group behind medicine and dentistry? There are over 5,000 chiropractors practicing in Canada.

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