Your PRI team

PRI’s multidisciplinary team are dedicated to finding the source of your pain and treating the condition in the most efficient means possible, without resorting to drugs, surgery or other invasive procedures.

Our staff includes chiropractors, physiotherapists, acupuncturist, massage therapists, kinesiologists, and a psychologist. Our staff speaks various languages fluently, including English, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Yiddish, Hebrew, and Italian.

Each staff member is licensed and accredited by their appropriate licensing agency and are all members in good standing. All PRI team members maintain an enviable safety record and pride themselves on their high level of patient satisfaction.


Dr. Vlad Levitin, Chiropractor
Dr. Levitin believes in an integrated model of health care delivery and was one of the first to integrate medical, chiropractic, physiotherapy, acupuncture and psychology in one facility.

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Dr. Bob Grossman, Chiropractor
Dr. Grossman was inspired to become a Chiropractor after a back injury at age 19 required chiropractic care. He was impressed with the efficiency and quality of service as he responded quickly to treatment and his condition resolved entirely.

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Raffi Kalilov
With a degree in medicine and 30 years in health care, Raffi brings immense skill and experience. His specialty is disc decompression and physical therapy. “I have always been fascinated by the relationship between neurology and a person’s physical state,” says Raffi. “This understanding helps me provide a level of care that brings the kinds of results patients expect and deserve.”


Tyunin (Anton), Osteopath, Registered Physiotherapist
A licensed Osteopath since 2010, Tyunin holds degrees in kinesiology and health sciences. While he helps rehabilitate those with any number of health conditions, his specialty is in sports injuries. “I believe manual treatment techniques get faster and more effective results than using machines,” says Tyunin. “Plus, it puts less stress on the muscles and joints.”


Jenny, Office Manager
With seven years in the health industry, Jenny knows what it takes to run a medical practice. Beyond managing the day to day activities, she also assists patients in understanding their coverage and making sure they follow the correct steps in making claims.


Kate, Receptionist
Kate has been in the health industry for 4 years. Chances are her voice will be the first one you hear when you call. “I love my job,” says Kate. “Being able to see our patients get better with each visit brings me so much joy.”


Coleen, Receptionist
Coleen has been a receptionist in the health industry since 2008. “I love talking and getting to know the patients,” she says. “I like to see them as more than just names on a list. They depend on us to make them better. And I take that very seriously.”


Ella, Registered Massage Therapist
An RMT since 2008 with special training in the Trigger Point Technique, Ella keeps a busy schedule as one of the most popular therapists in the clinic. Her specialty lies in sports massage. However she can also work with those who have experienced “frozen shoulder”, circulation issues, and post surgery challenges.


Sharmine Amiri, Registered Physiotherapist