Good Shoes – Money Well Spent

Good Shoes – Money Well Spent

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Shoes are on our feet for an average of 50% of our lives. This fact illustrates that one should pay attention to what kind of footwear you choose to purchase. There are hundreds of kinds of shoes for many different types of activities and it is a tough decision when you stand in front of a wall of shoes at a sporting store.

A general rule for shoes is that you get what you pay for. You should purchase a shoe that is custom designed for the activity you will be doing. If you plan on walking you should not buy a shoe designed for running. The slope of the insole and the shape of the shoe will be different between the styles. The shoe should be light and durable with a strong back to it. A good test for this is to take the shoe and try ringing it out like a towel. If the shoe seems to be easy to twist you know it will not provide the support you need. You can also buy shoes that are custom designed for the type of foot you have. If your foot rolls in you are a pronator and if your foot rolls out you are a supinator. The shoe sales person or your health care provider can determine what type of feet you have.

Foot complaints are common in our office and can be avoided by a good arch support in all of your footwear. As your foot ages over time, the ligaments in the foot can get stretched due an unsupported arch. Such symptoms as plantar fasciitis or heal spurs can occur. A sign that your arches have fallen is if you notice that with time, you need to purchase a larger shoe in width or in length.

Also never wear shoes for more than a year if you are constantly wearing them. Always remember that if you have good footwear your feet, knees and back will thank you.

At PRI clinic, we assess your feet for pronation and supination and provide high quality orthotics, as well as footwear to our patients that integrate ideally for your health needs.

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